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urologist in kolkata

Urologist in Kolkata



Urology is the branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs. The organs under the domain of urology include the Kidneys, Adrenal glands, Ureters, Urinary Bladder, Urethra, and the male reproductive organs such as Testes, Epididymis, Vas deferens, Seminal vesicles, Prostate, and Penis. The urinary and reproductive tracts are closely linked, and disorders of one often affect the other. Thus, a major spectrum of the conditions managed in Urology exists under the domain of Genitourinary disorders. Urology combines the management of medical (i.e., non-surgical) conditions, such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, with the management of surgical conditions such as Bladder or Prostate Cancer, Kidney stones, Congenital abnormalities, Traumatic injury, and Stress incontinence.

So, if you experience pain when you urinate, have difficulties starting urination or you have to go to the toilet frequently, find blood in your urine, do not waste any time and reach out to us at once. You might be having a UTI, a bladder problem, a kidney problem or even worse, Cancer.

Under today's medical advancements all of the above and more are vastly managable if addressed in time. Urology has traditionally been on the cutting edge of surgical technology in the field of medicine, including minimally invasive robotic and laparoscopic surgery, laser-assisted surgeries, and a host of other scope-guided procedures. Urologists are pioneers in the use of robotics in laparoscopic surgery too. So don't worry, if you are looking for a Urologist in Kolkata, pick up your phone and book an appointment with me. I am here to help.




Need an urgent consult? Ask the doctor without wasting your time. 



It's always good to know that you are free of diseases. Book an appointment now.


All problems become smaller if you don't dodge them but confront them.



If you know what you have, don't wait till it becomes too late.


Make sure to bring your discharge summery and all the reports.



First reach out to your nearest hospital and then call me.

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Prof. Dr. Debansu Sarkar

MBBS, MS(Gold Medalist), M.Ch(Urology) PGIMER Chandigarh Professor of Urology,

IPGMER & SSKM hospital, Kolkata Incharge, Urogynaecology services,

IPGMER & SSKM Hospital, Kolkata Senior Consultant Urologist,

Uro-oncosurgeon, Urogynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr Debansu Sarkar is an eminent Urologist with 15 years of expertise on Endourology, laparoscopic urology, Uro-oncology and general urology.

He is an alumnus of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira. He had his MBBS degree from the prestigious Calcutta Medical College, Masters in General Surgery from IPGMER, Kolkata. He did his post-doctoral (MCh Urology) from PGIMER, Chandigarh, one of the apex institutes in India. His work at PGI Chandigarh on Chromogranin A, a prostate cancer biomarker, has been published in the international journal “Cancer biomarkers”.

Dr Sarkar started his carrier as a teacher in West Bengal Medical Education Service. After serving the Urology departments at NRS Medical College and BS Medical College in different capacities, currently he is a professor in the department of Urology, IPGMER & SSKM hospital, Kolkata. He is a teacher, research guide and examiner to many M. Ch Urology residents. Many young Urologists in Bengal and other states are torch bearers of his teachings.

He is a keen academician with many publications in various national and international journals of repute. He has presented his research papers in various well sought national and international conferences. He’s been a well-known face in scientific debates, master classes and workshops.

He is a versatile surgeon, performing difficult urological surgeries with extreme precision for years. His special area of interest is laparoscopic urology and Uro-oncology. He has set up a female urology clinic at IPGMER, Kolkata to specifically address urological diseases in females. He has also worked as a “mentor” in renal transplant surgery. 

Despite having an illustrious carrier and an enviable body of work he is a humble and down to earth person. Patients from all class and creed find him equally approachable as he always treats them with utmost care and humility.


“I used to pee like a lot of people stammer. Now you can say it's like an opera. After the surgery I almost forgot that I had a problem”

Peter Dey Sarkar

"When we put our cares

in his hands,

he puts his peace

in our hearts"

Alakananda Chatterjee

“The greatest joy is not in pleasure,

but from the relief from the


Can't thank you enough”

Zakir Ali

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